Visibility Lessons from a Fast Food Joint and a Shampoo Company

Sherry Mirshahi-Totten   December 17, 2015   Brand in Demand,Branding Success,Building buzz,Standing out

Confession time: I’m obsessed with studying how companies create awesome experiences for their customers, how they sell, and how they get visibility. I’m the kind of gal that actually enjoys studying commercials. And on more than one occasion I’ve watched the Home Shopping Network not to buy a darn thing but to see what exactly those hosts of theirs will say to sell out that sweater.

So when I see something a company does that is particularly awesome and attention-grabbing, I have to share with my tribe. Today I want to share with you two great case studies, one from a fast food company and another from a shampoo company who each added a little something special to get visibility.

First up is a classic, Burger King. I love Burger King’s creativity. When there was so much competition for creating the best burger, they went a new route and created something to add to the experience that no other chain was doing: they made paper crowns that anyone (from adult to children) could pick up in their chains. A paper crown. But they haven’t stopped there.

Most recently in October they introduced the A1 Halloween Wopper. This is a burger where the bun is jet black and has A1 steak sauce baked into it to give an interesting flavor. Appealing? Not so much (at least not to me). Attention-grabbing? You bet. But then something interesting happened. People began talking about how the burger created an undesirable effect when they went to the rest room: it turned their poop green. Soon the hashtag #GreenPoop became linked with Burger King. Now that’s a nightmare!

Here’s the visibility lesson: You can definitely get inspiration outside of your industry to bring into your brand and offerings to make them different. But you have to be careful that you get visibility for the right reasons. And you want to make sure that you keep a close relationship with your clients so you can see what they want, what is working, and what isn’t. Had Burger King really tested this burger well, they might have realized that perhaps they should have held off on this idea.

Next up is SoapBox which creates one of my favorite shampoos, Coconut Oil Shampoo. What’s so special about them? They aren’t touting that the shampoo will make your hair all glossy and perfect (thought it does a great job). Instead, they believe in making sure people have access to soap and clean water. So, they donate a portion of sales to helping people across the world get these basic needs met. In fact, if you look on your bottle, you’ll see a special code, called a “Hope Code,” you can use on their website to see which part of the world the proceeds from your purchase will make an impact. Wow. Just wow. They took the simple ordinary experience of buying shampoo and turned it into a mission, a cause. They didn’t just say your money will go to a good cause. They are inviting you to participate by seeing for yourself where the money goes.


Here’s the visibility lesson: Bring your audience along for the ride. How can you create an experience as part of one of your offerings that lets your audience see a sneak peek of some kind? How can you not only tell them but have them actually experience a promise you are making?

I’m a big fan of looking outside of your industry to get inspiration. Hopefully you’ll start doing the same and you’ll pick up interesting ways to add more visibility for your awesome products, programs and services.

Tell me: What’s something you’ve seen recently that a company did or said that caught your eye?



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