Twenty signs that it is time for a rebrand

Sherry Mirshahi-Totten   June 12, 2015   Brand in Demand

There are good reasons to rebrand your company but sometimes the signs are there and you can easily overlook them.  It is easy to do when you are so close to what you do each day. I get asked often when small businesses should rebrand so I compiled a list of the top twenty signs that show when your business is ready for one.

  1. Your sales and number of customers have taken a hit.
  2. You feel your current brand feels, sounds and looks stale and outdated; you’ve outgrown it and you’ve evolved but it’s not clear that this is so. It just doesn’t represent you anymore.
  3. You’re about to do something that requires much more visibility like speaking, writing a book, or getting more publicity.
  4. You’re attracting the wrong customers.
  5. You’re expanding your offerings and have expanded beyond your original scope.
  6. You want (or need) to reposition how you are seen in the market.
  7. Your industry has gotten overcrowded and you need to stand out because you feel like you sound and look like everyone else.
  8. Your views or philosophies have changed.
  9. You want to take everything to the next level and want to go pro.
  10. You feel like not enough people know what you do (even though you are amazing at it!).
  11. People seem to be confused about what you do or have the wrong idea about what you do.
  12. Your brand isn’t communicating what you stand for and what makes you different.
  13. Your industry or market is changing and evolving and you want to remain relevant.
  14. You are changing your pricing or you want to appear, feel and sound more polished.
  15. You are ready to start a movement, a cause bigger than yourself, a large community.
  16. There isn’t any consistency in your brand across different platforms or mediums (inconsistent look or messaging).
  17. Your brand looks, sounds, feels (or just actually is) very DIY (do-it-yourself) and you want to be taken more seriously.
  18. You have had a bad reputation or bad publicity and you want to change the way you are viewed.
  19. You just passed a major milestone in your business.
  20. You’ve had a major internal change in your company (such as new leadership).

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  1. Refining my brand was a major activity a few months back, Sherry, when I wrote my first Kindle book and realized that my niche Ideal Client had also evolved. One has to monitor the rebranding carefully and I also revisited potential referral partners to build my authority because I was attracting people who would be ideal prospects a few years down the line but needed a different level of support in the present moment. This is a great checklist. Thanks!
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…How to win the Weakness interview question with a Strong AnswerMy Profile

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