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Speaking topics include:


Maximize Your Marketability: Find the Hidden Gold in Your Business:

Boost your confidence and remember your worth by learning simple, proven strategies for uncovering what makes you beyond compare from anyone else in your industry! You’ll learn how to find your own brand voice and become magnetic to your market.

Work It! Find Your Message and Make It Heard through Personal Branding: 

If you’ve ever wondered what “personal branding” really means, this one is for you.  You’ll learn how to apply classic personal branding principles to become known as an expert, and step into leadership with grace.discover how to tell your story so you’ll be magnetic to your market.


Networking that Works:  

No matter where you are in your  business, networking should always be front and center as you grow.  This seminar covers both basic and advanced networking techniques with multiple handouts that will once and for all help demystify how to do it the right way.  You’ll learn exactly how to answer the dreaded question, “Tell me about yourself?” You’ll uncover ways to break the ice (even if you are shy!) and you’ll get helpful tips that will ensure that you make the most out of any networking event. You’ll walk away with a networking plan that you can use right away!



Sherry on stage

Leadership Lessons for the Ladies:  Five Steps to Step into the Spotlight:  

How do you, as a woman, need to do to not only stand out but become significant at work or in business? Sherry shares how to step into advancement as a female leader while leveraging your unique talents and being recognized for them.  Women will walk away feeling empowered, confident, and ready to take the lead!