Ready to work together? Awesome! I have a host of offerings that will help you go from small business owner to a Brand in Demand.  Take a look!

Brand Audit Package

Ready to uncover the blind spots in your business? I’ll review your web site, opt-in freebie, and social media presence. Then, I’ll share what is working and what needs to change (and *how*). You’ll also get a new color palette and brand mood board (a visual board that brings together the spirit of your brand).

The investment is just $697.


“She gave me ideas that translated into serious money for my business….
I generated $7,000 (and that’s just the beginning).”

TaishaAracenI turned to Sherry for help because I knew she would make the process so much more simple for me.  And from must one conversation, Sherry truly did find the “hidden gold” in both me and my business.  She connected the dots for me in ways that I never thought about on my own and helped me see the talents, tools and value I had but was overlooking that I could leverage. 

And best of all, she gave me ideas that translated into serious money for my business.  I’m happy to report that by implementing Sherry’s ideas in rebranding my business and my signature system, I generated $7,000 (and that’s just the beginning).  I couldn’t have commanded this kind of price point unless I had gotten crystal-clear on the value I give my clients and on the ways I could set myself apart from any other business owner.

Taisha Aracen, CEO and Founder, The Millionaire Homemaker


Choose Your Own Brand Adventure (SOLD OUT)

In this package, you’ll get the audit above plus 3 done-for-you branding services. Contact me for a full list of services available with this package.

Brand in Demand Influencer Program
(12-month private one-on-one program)

Ready to look, sound and influence like a Brand in Demand? Take the ultimate deep-dive into your business, brand and movement with ongoing monthly support.  We’ll review your current brand and create stronger messaging that fits the next level in your business.  We’ll then map out and execute a plan to get you more visibility and build stronger connections with your audience. This includes weekly calls, email support, and handouts.  Contact me for details.  

VIP Days

Created for entrepreneurs who want the most customized and personalized attention, you’ll spend either a half-day or full-day taking a 360 degree look at your business brand and marketing strategies that will bring that brand to life.   Learn more here.