Prevent a Logo “Uh-Oh” By Asking These Two Super Important Questions

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Deciding which logo you’ll choose for your brand (or rebrand) isn’t always easy because a logo can mean so much. While it isn’t your brand on its own, it is one of the many things people will identify with your company. A great logo designer will provide a few options and styles so you can pick the right logo for you. But how do you decide which one is “right?” And what are the two magic questions you have to ask to really make the best choice? Read on to find out!

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When you are deciding on which logo to choose, here are a few things you have to consider:

  1. Does the logo really, truly fit your overall brand message?
  2. Is this a logo that really appeals to and resembles your target market and their aspirations in some way?
  3. Does the logo fit your brand and company’s personality?
  4. Is this a design that will look good today and in the future?
  5. Will this logo look good no matter how large or small you make it?  When in doubt, go for something simple!
  6. Does your logo really need a symbol or image? Often, some of the best logos are simply just word logos created from fabulous fonts.  You don’t always need to pick a picture logo.
  7. Is this logo too close to any of my competitors in terms of its layout, color choice, shapes, and overall appearance?
  8. Does the design have enough contrast so that it stands out?
  9. Is the concept behind the logo too overused? For instance, the concept of a light bulb as a logo has been used often throughout many industries.  It’s important to recognize this and find ways to make it unique for you or simply try another concept altogether.

The Two Key Questions You Must Ask

Once you get a few ideas, you’ll want to share the concepts your designer gives you with everyone you know. But the mistake I see many entrepreneurs make is that they are sharing it with friends and family (instead of people who would represent their target market) and they are asking the wrong question. They are asking, “So, which one of these logos do you like?”  Here are two better questions you should be asking:

  1. What to ask when soliciting feedback from others: “Of these logos, which one shows that our company is ___________?” Then, fill in the blank with the adjectives that relate to your brand’s essence and personality.  So, if you have a salon, you might ask, “So, which of these logos best shows that our company is glamorous and feminine?”
  2. What to ask yourself and your team: “Which of these logos conveys the emotion of___________” Then, fill in the blank with the emotions you want people to experience from your brand.  The salon in the example above might follow up with, “Which of these logos conveys the emotion of happiness?”

The next time you are considering a logo update, use these tips above to make sure yours really fits your brand. When you do, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Brand in Demand!

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Tell me: What adjectives did you consider when deciding on your own logo?



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