Get more people to say “yes” to you

Sherry Mirshahi-Totten   August 20, 2015   Brand in Demand,Branding Success,Build Your Best Brand

Want to get more people to say “yes” to you and what you offer? Read on to learn how!

We were at Penn State for my brother in law’s graduation and it was h-o-t. Naturally, we wanted ice cream. And we had options. We could’ve gone to a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop, bought a gallon from a grocery store or visited Starbucks for frappuccino as an alternative. Instead, we went to the famous Berkey’s creamery.

So we drove to the other side of campus, searched for parking and lugged out Ryan’s stroller. And then we saw a line so long that it went out the door. But instead of going elsewhere, we planned to come back later.

And when we returned, there was still a line (though shorter) so we just joined in.

Get more people to say "yes" to you

In line at Berkey’s Creamery


What made us deal with all these hassles? And how’s this going to help your business? Read on.

Inside, they had the usual flavors plus some cool ones like my favorite, “Happy happy joy joy” (coconut ice cream with chocolate chips and almonds). They change out some flavors daily so the menu isn’t always the same. You could even buy a ½ gallon to go because they pack them in enough dry ice based on how long it’ll be before you get home.

So, why’d we say “yes” in spite of all these hassles? Their cool flavors? Their changing menu? That you could take some home no matter how far away you live?

If you’d asked us in the moment, we would’ve said, “It’s hot and we want ice cream.”

But get this: The answer is none of the above. Deep inside, we felt we’d miss out if we didn’t have some.

So what happened here? The Berkey’s experience demonstrates something really powerful: Emotional triggers. Everyone has deeper desires than what they claim on the surface. And those core desires are what really drive us to buy (or not).  Most, if not all people, aren’t aware of their deeper desire for what they buy (at least not in the moment). But, if you as a business owner tap into those triggers, you’ll see a major difference in how your brand attracts people and gets them to say “yes.”

This isn’t tapping into what people say they need or want. It’s delving into the want behind the want that isn’t always apparent.

Some of the major emotional triggers include:

  • The need to feel included and to feel you belong
  • The need to feel exclusive and unique
  • Freedom
  • Love
  • To be seen
  • To feel safe
  • To feel elite

Share the stories and message that speaks to these triggers, and you connect like nothing else.

Every Brand in Demand (Apple, Tiffany, BMW) uses this to win you over. Their product or services are built to answer to at least one emotional trigger.

So how do you uncover your audience’s emotional triggers? Ask yourself what you’re really selling. For instance, Tiffany isn’t really selling jewelry. When you buy someone a Tiffany ring or necklace, you’re saying, “You deserve this. I love you.” It’s about love and feeling special.


If you’re trying to get more people to say “yes” to what you offer and want to determine your emotional triggers, let’s chat! I have a few spots available for a f.ree call with me.

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  1. Lee Garrison says:

    Hey Sherry! Thanks for sharing such Powerful content in your emails. Please give my slot to someone else if this opportunity is only for brand new people who haven’t talked with you yet. I’m Super excited about working with you!

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