Do you really need a tagline?

Sherry Mirshahi-Totten   June 23, 2017   Brand in Demand,Brand Strategy,Branding Success,Build Your Best Brand

One of the top questions I often get from clients is the following: “What should my tagline be?” But the better question in most cases is: “Should I have a tagline in the first place?” If you’ve ever wondered the same thing, read on to see my thoughts on whether you need one (or not).

What is a tagline?

A tagline is short, 5-to-7-word phrase you can use on your website, in your bio, social media profiles, and any other place you market your business. It sums up your core value and/or your unique selling proposition (the one thing that makes you different than anyone else in your industry).

Why are taglines so great?

Taglines echo the idea behind your brand, what you stand for, and what you want to be known for. Done right, they can help you stay top of mind and help people remember why they should be choosing you. It is, however, only ONE part of your brand and no brand should rest on their tagline to do the heavy lifting when it comes to explaining how they are different.

Who needs one?

If you’re brand new to business, you might be tempted to want to tackle this as one of the first things you do to brand your company (or yourself). However, if you aren’t already bringing in money, I usually suggest that people hold off on worrying about a tagline for a few reasons. First, taglines on their own won’t make you money. In other words, no one ever bought from a business because it had a cool tagline. So while it’s a “nice to have” in the beginning stages of your business, it’s not a requirement. Second, a good tagline takes into account a lot of experience with clients to know what they are looking for, what makes them tick, and what they consider to be different. You may come up with a cool tagline but if it isn’t worded in the right way or doesn’t showcases something different about you that your target market cares about, it’s just not going to be effective. And finally, new businesses may come up with a tagline but as they grow, they’ll feel the urge to change it too often. That’s a sign that the tagline they originally chose was done with too much haste. It’s much better to wait and pick one that will stay with you for a long time.

If you’re more established, do you need one? I say yes if you fit into any one of the following scenarios:

  • You’re already making steady money and can devote time and resources to getting one made for you
  • You are re-branding and need a new one (or want to establish one) that shows your new direction
  • You are being confused with a competitor
  • You are blending in too much in your field
  • You are expanding your products or services and your current tagline doesn’t fit what you do anymore

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