Day 5: If You Have Ever Felt Like Something is Missing in Your Business, Read This!

It happens.  At some point, you are cruising along, going through the motions, getting clients, and marketing like a pro.  But for some reason something feels off.  Nothing bad has happened, of course, but you aren’t sure of where things are going.  One minute you are excited about your business, and the next minute you wonder why you aren’t as passionate as you used to be.  This is very, very normal. And you can use it to make something pretty big happen in your business.  Let ...

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July 8, 2013    3 Comments

Day 4: Are You Limiting Your Business Success (And Not Even Realizing It) with an Outdated Definition of Branding?

You Know This Already…Or Do You? Ever heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know?” Basically, it applies to situations in which you think you understand some topic but in reality you are missing something much bigger that relates to it.  The key to avoiding this is to get out of the “I already know that” kind of mindset and treat every piece of info that you come across as if you are hearing it for the first time. I’m a big fan of ...

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July 7, 2013    5 Comments


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