Make More Money as a Coach: How to Make 5 Times More from Your Signature Program or Service

Confession: I’m a major fan of this one feature of Real Simple Magazine which shows new uses for old things. It has great ideas like taking an empty Kleenex box and using it to hold all those plastic bags you may have in your kitchen. It always has at least one ideas that makes you think, “That’s so cool, why didn’t I think of that?” When it comes to your business as a coach, you can use this same concept to make more money with what you already have. Take for example your signature ...

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February 12, 2016    Leave a Comment

Day 4: Are You Limiting Your Business Success (And Not Even Realizing It) with an Outdated Definition of Branding?

You Know This Already…Or Do You? Ever heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know?” Basically, it applies to situations in which you think you understand some topic but in reality you are missing something much bigger that relates to it.  The key to avoiding this is to get out of the “I already know that” kind of mindset and treat every piece of info that you come across as if you are hearing it for the first time. I’m a big fan of ...

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July 7, 2013    5 Comments

Day 3: What drives you to bring your best to your brand and business?

Just two days ago here in the U.S., we celebrated the 4th of July. That means fireworks, great cookouts, and tons of Facebook postings showing up in your stream from your friends about freedom 🙂 Gotta love it! But to me the 4th represented something else that I teach my clients about daily: motivation.  Because in order to be a Brand in Demand, it has to start with one question: What is you big why? Image courtesy of TungPhoto/ What is it that drives you? That motivates ...

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July 6, 2013    2 Comments


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