Do you really need a tagline?

One of the top questions I often get from clients is the following: “What should my tagline be?” But the better question in most cases is: “Should I have a tagline in the first place?” If you’ve ever wondered the same thing, read on to see my thoughts on whether you need one (or not). What is a tagline? A tagline is short, 5-to-7-word phrase you can use on your website, in your bio, social media profiles, and any other place you market your business. It sums up your core value ...

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Get more people to say “yes” to you

Want to get more people to say “yes” to you and what you offer? Read on to learn how! We were at Penn State for my brother in law’s graduation and it was h-o-t. Naturally, we wanted ice cream. And we had options. We could’ve gone to a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop, bought a gallon from a grocery store or visited Starbucks for frappuccino as an alternative. Instead, we went to the famous Berkey’s creamery. So we drove to the other side of campus, searched for parking and lugged ...

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Prevent a Logo “Uh-Oh” By Asking These Two Super Important Questions

Sherry Mirshahi-Totten   Branding Success,Build Your Best Brand,Logo

Deciding which logo you’ll choose for your brand (or rebrand) isn’t always easy because a logo can mean so much. While it isn’t your brand on its own, it is one of the many things people will identify with your company. A great logo designer will provide a few options and styles so you can pick the right logo for you. But how do you decide which one is “right?” And what are the two magic questions you have to ask to really make the best choice? Read on to find ...

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Discover The 3 Simple Brand Tweaks That Will Bring You More Clarity, Visibility... and Clients!