Do you really need a tagline?

One of the top questions I often get from clients is the following: “What should my tagline be?” But the better question in most cases is: “Should I have a tagline in the first place?” If you’ve ever wondered the same thing, read on to see my thoughts on whether you need one (or not). What is a tagline? A tagline is short, 5-to-7-word phrase you can use on your website, in your bio, social media profiles, and any other place you market your business. It sums up your core value ...

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June 23, 2017    Leave a Comment

How Planet Fitness’ Brand and Marketing Tactics Make It An Out of This World Company (Brand Like the Best Case Study)

I’m so proud to share the following guest blog post written by my intern, Brandon Winn and edited by me.  I hope you enjoy it! “Come As You Are.” This is more than just a hit song by 90’s band Nirvana: it’s the main idea behind the flourishing gym known as Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness doesn’t align themselves with fancy, high-end gyms or those targeting body builders.  Because of this, they are carving out a brilliant niche that appeals to the average person who wants to work out in ...

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August 18, 2016    1 Comment

Make More Money as a Coach: How to Make 5 Times More from Your Signature Program or Service

Confession: I’m a major fan of this one feature of Real Simple Magazine which shows new uses for old things. It has great ideas like taking an empty Kleenex box and using it to hold all those plastic bags you may have in your kitchen. It always has at least one ideas that makes you think, “That’s so cool, why didn’t I think of that?” When it comes to your business as a coach, you can use this same concept to make more money with what you already have. Take for example your signature ...

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Visibility Lessons from a Fast Food Joint and a Shampoo Company

Confession time: I’m obsessed with studying how companies create awesome experiences for their customers, how they sell, and how they get visibility. I’m the kind of gal that actually enjoys studying commercials. And on more than one occasion I’ve watched the Home Shopping Network not to buy a darn thing but to see what exactly those hosts of theirs will say to sell out that sweater. So when I see something a company does that is particularly awesome and attention-grabbing, I have to share ...

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Brand Case Study: The Food Babe Brand Movement

How do you turn your personal brand into a movement? People ask me this question a lot. I was working with a private client today and sharing with her examples of different movements for her brand.  And one of the websites we looked at together was especially awesome.  So, this week I wanted to share that same website with you.  It’s about Vani Hari, the Food Babe, who was named as one of the most influential people on the internet by Time Magazine. It shows how bringing your personal ...

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