About Sherry

Sherry Mirshahi-Totten, founder/CEO of Make Your Brand in Demand, propels legacy-building entrepreneurs who are ready to shift out of being a small business to becoming a powerful Brand in Demand. She’s landed international media exposure and mentions in The Chicago Tribune, AOL.com, MSN.com, and other outlets.

Clients and potential clients say, “I wish I had a tape recorder to capture all of the great ideas you just gave me.” That’s because it’s Sherry’s unique ability to find connections where others don’t to create a distinct message and platform that separates their business from others in their industry.

Sherry teaches that branding is all about bringing your FULL self into your business and her services reflect that. She helps clients bring together all of their strengths, talents, and interests to create a business that is both impactful and fun. This allows Sherry to uncover the “hidden gold”–the overlooked opportunities, strengths, and untapped power–that creates a more profitable platform.

Branding, marketing, sales and business development are second nature to Sherry thanks to her days in Corporate America. She helped grow and expand leading brands, refined sales processes, and built marketing initiatives for multi-million dollar business giants such as General Mills. But Sherry wanted to find the right fit for all her talents instead of only some of them. She realized entrepreneurship would help her do that while making a bigger impact in the world.

For 8+ years as CEO of Roadmap Career Services, she helped professional women define and express their personal brand to get lucrative jobs in the toughest economies. But, like her current clients, she realized her mission was even bigger. Sherry saw that branding entrepreneurs would more fully express all her unique gifts while showing them do the same.

Sherry loves showing the bigger possibilities that await clients when they start being a Brand in Demand!